I have always had a fascination and a fear of the paranormal. The reason is: I can see and hear them. I have seen spirits in whatever form they can present themselves (shadow people, full-bodied apparitions, hooded figures, children, animals, etc.) I have heard disembodied voices and whispering in my ear. I am a cancer survivor and when I was going through chemo, the floodgates of paranormal activity opened up for me and my family. It wasn't until I was faced with the possibility of my own mortality, that I decided to investigate the paranormal. Now I am obsessed with it and always looking for the latest "gadget" and method to capture evidence.

I see and sense spirits which scares me but also intrigues me. I am a "ghost magnet." They are attracted to my energy and we have gotten phenomenal results on our investigations because of it. I am also a cancer survivor and have discovered that I can see spirits and am developing my skills. Linda and I can see spirits at the same time. We have a game we play called, "See It, Say It." If we see a spirit, we say it. There is an undeniable connection between me and my sister.

I live life to the extreme. It gives me an adrenaline rush to investigate the paranormal and I will go to any length to find it. I am the one that will go in a dark closet, be touched, or follow an entity when no other female investigator will do it. I am the skeptic of the team and very scientific in my way of thinking. I need solid proof before I will believe that a spirit exists. I am open to the divination methods, but do not always believe in the results. The connection we have as a family of females investigating the paranormal has produced interesting results.

Being twins gives us a unique connection to the paranormal. Mirrors are thought to open portals for spirit communication. We have encountered cool touches on our hands and have heard voices. We are afraid of the paranormal yet want to participate in the investigations.. We are also the "Tech Twins." We help set up the equipment for an investigation and are the videographers. We will teach the other members on the team any new piece of ghost hunting equipment that was purchased for an investigation.